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Sources: Xbox 360 price cut week of Sept. 7; 60GB $299, Elite $399, Arcade $199


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It appears that two of the Xbox 360 SKUs will receive a $50 price drop by the week of Sept. 7, making the 60GB model $299 and the Elite $399 -- we've yet to hear any change on the $279 Arcade meanwhile, the Arcade will drop $80 to $199. A few of our retail contacts, some of whom have given us good intel in the past and who all work for separate corporations, have sent us identical information regarding a price drop. Evidence of the Elite and Arcade price cut can be found in the gallery below.

Update: Oh mercy, it's been a long day. The Arcade is marked as $199 in the flyer as well (under the TV, to the left). Thanks, Strike Man.

[Thanks Patrick, Master X, and everyone else who helped.]

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