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Carnival Games 2 delayed due to first game's success


We like to bash the shovelware as much as anyone, but Take Two's Carnival Games must have been a real gem, because it has sold well consistently and "exceeded expectations" since its release. That's why Take Two has been taking their good old time in churning out a sequel to the game, which is now in the works.

"We saw the original title was a big success, and we had the developers [Cat Daddy] thinking down the line for the brand," said 2K Play marketing director Christina Recchio. "So there will be a 'Carnival Games 2,' but when that is, I can't say that right now. We just have to assess the market and see when the right time is to release the title." What does this mean? Well, that they won't need to rush development on the sequel so long as the first title keeps on selling.

Any of you play the original Carnival Games? Think it got a bad rap from the critics? Or was it just a bad game?

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