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Newest LotRO patch fixes Auction House bug

Shawn Schuster

The first official patch to Lord of the Rings Online's Book 14 has arrived today, and with it comes mostly bug fixes, gameplay balance issues and crafting improvements. However, some of the most pressing changes were ironically added at the very bottom of the patch notes page.

In order of awesomeness: Summer Festival music boxes now work properly, the Summer Festival horse's blanket has been "toned down" and the Auction House has been fixed! Yes, that's right, the annoying bug that prevented spaces and dashes to be entered into the AH search box (except for dragging and dropping the name from an existing item) has now been fixed. This means we can all go back to searching for items that we didn't already own, which was not fun and caused many players to forego the AH completely until this bug was fixed. Rejoice! It is now fixed.

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