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Wii Warm Up: Samba de Ulala


Certain Sega-friendly elements of the Wii Fanboy blogging staff were super-excited to see Ulala appearing in Samba de Amigo. Of course, we're still beyond freaked out that there is a new Samba de Amigo. For us, the Space Channel 5 star adds a lot of interest to the game. But most people aren't us. Most people have no idea what Space Channel 5 is (judging by the precipitous drop in price of the excellent Space Channel 5 Special Edition on PS2), and may have a passing interest in Samba. You guys, being avid game nerd types, probably average somewhere in the middle: whether or not you care about these games, you're at least familiar.

Does the appearance of a classic Dreamcast-era character like Ulala increase your interest in the remake/sequel to a classic Dreamcast rhythm game? Or is Sega all about Sonic for you?


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