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Cammy kicks high in Street Fighter IV home versions


First introduced to the world in Super Street Fighter II, the be-thonged British secret agent / world warrior, Cammy, will "definitely" appear in the home versions of Street Fighter IV, producer Yoshinori Ono tells 1UP.

Capcom conducted a poll on its blog last month, asking users which classic character they'd most like to see return for the console and PC ports. The list included T. Hawk, Dan, Ibuki, Sakura, Hugo, Fei Long, Dee Jay, and Cammy. In addition to revealing the winning fan favorite, Ono hinted that Tokyo Game Show may see – along with the PS3 version of SFIV – the unveiling of another home-only combatant: the fabled Sheng Long. If he does show up, you'll surely have to "defeat him" to "stand a chance."

[Via Wired]

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