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IXI falters, gives up on US market for Ogo

Chris Ziegler

Unbeknownst to us, little ol' IXI Mobile has apparently still been "competing" in the US with its Ogo line of messaging devices, despite the fact that it has been all but MIA since disappearing from AT&T's lineup (the old, pre-Cingular AT&T, that is) back in 2005. The emphasis is on "has," though, because the San Francisco Business Times is reporting that IXI is now officially pulling out of the US to concentrate on overseas ventures where it has seen just a bit more luck. Even so, the company is hemorrhaging cash with an $11.4 million second quarter loss, just $8.1 million in the bank, and a host of fresh layoffs, firings, and losses -- including the CEO, executive co-chairman, and CFO in one fell swoop. Messaging, the Ogo's strong suit, is a game that plenty of full-fledged cellphones now have down to a science by packing in QWERTY keyboards in one of several form factors; at the time of the original Ogo's launch, that wasn't the case. So the real question IXI's gotta be asking itself here becomes: is the Ogo still relevant, overseas or otherwise?

[Via mocoNews]

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