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Latest Nintendo Power dishes out new Animal Crossing details, including DS-to-Wii functionality


For many, Animal Crossing: City Folk looks a lot like the original GameCube game, both from a presentation standpoint and included features. Sure, Animal Crossing: City Folk has some new stuff, but none of it is really that innovative or indicative of the franchise going into any kind of new direction. It's basically the equivalent to treading water. But, it turns out that popular opinion may not be justified, as some new details regarding the game can be found in the upcoming issue of Nintendo Power.

First of all, those of you who spent time with Animal Crossing: Wild World on the DS, you can transfer your avatar over to the new game. Another cool DS-to-Wii feature will allow you to "take your travel data and download it to your DS." We've no idea what that will entail exactly, but it sounds promising.

As for the Wii game, the holiday-themed events will be returning. Jingle the Reindeer will be back for Toy Day and a new character, Zipper T. Bunny, will make an appearance for Bunny Day. Sound promising!


Some more details on the Photo Mode have also been presented. You can take snapshots, put them to an SD card so you can upload them to your computer, or simply send them to your Wii friends, their email or even to their cell phone. So if you've made the perfect Gordan Freeman lookalike, then all the world can see.

For those of you thinking about DLC, Nintendo hints that it could all be free. That's, uh, something you shouldn't kid about, Nintendo! DLC could arrive in the form of furniture, wallpapers, and other things of that nature. So for you shop junkies skipping the clock forward just so you can see Tom Nook's wares for the next day, you might be getting more bang for your bell.

The article also suggests that Wii Speak won't be included with the game, instead selling on its own for around $30. So it looks like we shouldn't be expecting a bundle in regards to that.

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