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LotRO Ring-lore collection is finally complete, now what?

Shawn Schuster

One month to the day after the introduction of the Lord of the Rings Online Ring-lore event, nearly all servers have reached the goal of finding 70,000 vestiges of ring-lore each. The only exception to this is the Firefoot server, which has the lowest population, yet Brandywine met their goals on August 11th. Now that we've all done such a great job and the objectives were met far before anyone predicted, what's next? Can we still get ring-lore? Will this event repeat?

Well, the main point of this event was to open the second part of Book 14, Chapter 7 to players, so if you're to that point, you can now proceed. As far as the event repeating, there's no official word on that, yet Turbine may take the overwhelming participation in this event as a learning experience for future events. Currently you can't get any more ring-lore, yet the Heralds of Rivendell are still scattered throughout Middle-earth. So this begs the question: would you want another of these events? What type would you like to see?

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