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Only the Games: Call of Duty: World at War coming in November

Justin McElroy

Usually PR reps aren't so cavalier about dropping big news, so we're going to go ahead and posit that the team at Only the Games must be exceptionally attractive and/or cunning, because they managed to get an Activision rep to tell them during the X08 event in Toronto that Treyarch's Call of Duty: World at War would be arriving in November. Way to go guys!

Though we are rarely described as attractive or cunning ourselves, we tried to get more specific info from Activision, which told us, "wWe haven't made any announcement about date other than Fall of 2008." Before you whip out a calendar you should know that Joystiq can officially confirm that November falls within the autumnal season, so they could both be dead on. We'll keep an ear out.

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