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Rock Revolution drum compatibility detailed; game 'on track' for '08


Konami has detailed how its seven-input drum set will be compatible with Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour's kits, which have four and five inputs, respectively. We've been informed that the game will "reconfigure" itself depending on the set being used with the game. For example, instead of seven lines of music, it will adjust to four when using the Rock Band 2 drums and five for GH:WT. The company expects its drums to be compatible with the competition's via a patch issued after launch.

The company has also told us that reports of the game's delay to 2009 only applies to Europe. The game is "still on track for a fall 2008" release in North America. We're sure all the rhythm-game fanboys out there are breathing a sigh of relief ... right? Hello?

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