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SingStar Volume 2 heading to North America in October

Jason Dobson

Recently released in Europe and Australia, SingStar Vol. 2 will take the stage in North America sometime in October, no doubt letting armchair harmonizers looking for the next in Sony's karaoke series breathe a sigh of relief -- preferably not directly into the mic.

This latest expansion will add 30 new sing-along tracks, as well as support for Trophies, presumably used to club off-tune rockers over the head for butchering radio favorites. However, given the advent of the SingStore, the need for regular discs seems trivial, especially once our arms tire from all that disc swapping. Plus, we'd rather cherry pick songs we know we'll like rather than buy in bulk and hope for the best. That's just how we roll.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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