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New Champions Online screens finally feature cybernetic velociraptors

Kyle Horner

When it comes to MMOs, we've always felt there was a serious lack of cybernetic velociraptor representation. When contacting the coalition for better representation of cybernetic velociraptors (or CBRCV) the only comment we got was, "Screeee!" However, if you're as well-versed in "Velocish" as we are, you then know they were quite enamored with Champions Online's, uh, championing of them. Our take on the whole thing is that Cryptic should be formally rewarded for bringing to light the serious lack of these majestic and robotically-enhanced creatures in our games.

Putting aside that white hot rage-inducing subject matter, we're happy to report that several new screens for Champions Online are out and they look technologically pleasing. There's a magical guy in there, but his demonic spittle is no match for the copious amounts of lightning and glowing buildings he's going up against. Not to mention the cybernetic velociraptors!

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