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Tabletop veterans to lead the MMO persistence revolution

Shawn Schuster

What do you get when you combine $20 million in venture capital, two giants in the tabletop gaming industry and a World of Warcraft veteran-founded MMO development company? A pretty good chance at a successful MMO, that's what. However, in addition to that you need an innovative idea, and you need a successful execution of that idea. Red 5 Studios' Ed Stark and Dave Williams might just have that idea with their recent yet-to-be-named MMO project. They recognize that the two major ingredients in any MMO are community and persistence, so they're banking on improving those concepts.

"Right now for most of these games, when the player saves the princess and he starts walking away from the tower – if he looks back he's going to see the princess at the top of the tower again,"
says Dave Williams. Their ideas revolve around expanding upon the sandbox concept and allowing players to affect and change the world around them, not just play in it. We'll certainly be keeping our eyes on Red 5 Studios for more on this exciting project.

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