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Your daily dose of Alton Brown (oh, and that Iron Chef game)


If you wanted a dose of Alton Brown on your Wii -- as some of you unashamedly admitted -- then know that today will be the very best Sunday you'll experience all week long. Why? Observe the superior visage above ... the thoughtful pose and noble brow. Yes, dear reader, it is he: Alton Brown. Destineer released character portraits for some of Iron Chef America's key players as part of the promotion for the upcoming Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine, and Alton Brown has his place there, along with three of the chefs.

The excitement doesn't end there, either -- if they've got a portrait in our gallery below, then they'll be fully voiced in the game, so you'll get to hear Brown calling the shots (and hear Mario Batali and others describing their dishes) when the game is released this fall.


[Via press release]

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