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Adium 1.3 released

Cory Bohon

Multi-service, open source and free chat client Adium received a new point release tonight, with new features and a redesigned interface for viewing contact information.

Adium 1.3 features the following goodies:

  • Get Info Window is now called the "Contact Inspector"
  • The aforementioned Contact Inspector has a newly redesigned interface that allows for faster retrieval of contact information
  • Facebook chat is now integrated into Adium 1.3
  • Standard contact window list now features a search box (found by pressing command + F)
  • Improved MSN support with personal messages
  • Speed improvements
  • Multiple bug fixes
To download this new revision of Adium, just visit the Adium website and click the download link. If you would like a complete list of all the changes in Adium 1.3, just visit the Version History page.

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