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Axiom Audio goes to the wall with its T2 speakers

Steven Kim

Axiom Audio is certainly taking the custom install market to heart. Between its custom finishing services and the newly-announced T2 in-wall speakers, you should be able to fill out your custom install quite nicely with the brand. The 11.65- x 6.4-inch facade that stands a little more than 0.5-inches from the wall should blend in, that's for sure. But these are more than a pretty face, they've got audio cred as well. The T2 speakers are derived from Axiom's M2 bookshelf units and feature the same aluminum 5.25-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter. The press release has these spec'ed at 22kHz - 70kHz response for your dog's listening pleasure, but we assume that's a typo and should be a more human-friendly 70Hz - 22kHz. Expect more models in Axiom's T-series in the future, but you can start off with these for $446 per pair.

[Image courtesy ElectronicHouse]

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