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BC Rearmed week one sales exceed 100K


Well good lord. After its first week of availability, Bionic Commando Rearmed has sold 130,000 copies. Capcom's own Ben Judd reported the news on the Bionic Commando blog with the appropriate fervor, saying, "Holy fiddlesticks!" He followed up his elation saying that while the sales pale in comparison to retail titles, 130,000 copies qualifies Rearmed as a "JUGGERNAUT." One of the important and overlooked elements of this story is that Rearmed was made available on Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and PC, so we're not sure exactly what percentage each service pulled. Regardless it's obvious that Rearmed has struck a chord and Judd notes that this proves that gamers do enjoy seeing the games of yesteryear made available again, so long as they are "done right" and for the right price. We couldn't agree more.

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