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E for All exhibitor list is quite small ... and here it is in chart form!

Our pals at Big Download hit the phones, tracked down PR people and figured out which companies, exactly, are going to this year's E for All Expo ... and the answers ain't pretty. In fact, the only two major exhibitors will be Microsoft and Electronic Arts! THQ and Konami – familiar faces from last year's expo – won't be in attendance this year while Nintendo and 2K Games – also at last year's Expo – have yet to make a decision (Update: 2K and Activision, previously undecided, let BD know that they won't be attending).

To make sense of the whole messy situation, we did the same thing we always do when we're upset: grabbed the crayons and expressed our feelings artistically ... then we turned those feelings into a chart comparing exhibitors for both this year's and last year's E for All, side-by-side with this year's Penny Arcade Expo. Yes, we know the Penny Arcade kids have been pouring salt into E for All's wounds for awhile now and that this is just another pile of color-coded salt that we're placing at their disposal. But really, that's a lot of salt! Chart after the break or read the full article at Big Download.

[Update: IDG sent us a comment: "We're disappointed that you didn't contact us yesterday before putting up your E for All post, and we hope you'll do so in the future. At this point, we'll just say that the show isn't over until Tiger hits his last hole in one, Microsoft has packed up its last Xbox, Target has sold its last Wii Fit, Fatal1ty has blown away his last opponent, and the World Cyber Games National champions are crowned. Further announcements are forthcoming, and we are confident that E for All 208 will be a great event for everyone in the game community."]

E for All 2007
E for All 2008
PAX 2008
Microsoft No Yes Yes
Nintendo Yes Undecided Yes
Sony No No Yes
Electronic Arts Yes Yes Yes
THQ Yes No Yes
Konami Yes No No
2K Games Yes No Yes
Midway No No Yes
Atari No No Yes
Sega No No Yes
Warner Bros. No No No
NCsoft No No Yes
LucasArts No No No
Sony Online No No No
Square-Enix No No No
Codemasters No No Yes
Gamecock No No Yes
Southpeak No No Yes
Disney Interactive No No No
Capcom No No No
Ubisoft No No Yes
Activision No No Yes (+Blizzard)
Namco Bandai No No Yes
Eidos No Undecided No

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