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IOGEAR's USB Laptop KVM Switch provides your portable with impressive new powers


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Despite the best attempts of computer manufacturers, most of us still need two computers to make it through the week: perhaps a laptop for the daily grind and a desktop for transcoding h.264 files... whatever works for you. IOGEAR is looking to cash in on this trend with its new USB Laptop KVM Switch, which, unlike traditional KVMs, allows you to use your laptop's keyboard, mouse and display to control a second computer over USB. Setup couldn't be simpler, with a USB 2.0 plug on each end of the widget, and a USB port in the middle for hooking up to printers or external drives and such. You can drag and drop files between environments, and obviously switch on the fly between the two computers. Only trouble is that it only works with Windows operating systems -- no cross-platform switching -- and it'll run you a steep $130.

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