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Overlord footage features minions, bosses, pumpkin armor


The first video of Overlord: Dark Legend might be off-screen and a bit blurry, but we don't require high-resolution, direct-feed footage to tell us that the game will keep all the charm and personality of the original Xbox 360 title.

Producer Dean Scott can be heard commentating throughout both this and the video after the jump, enthusing about how nicely the Wii's controls suit Overlord, and discussing how Climax want to avoid fashioning a Morrowind-esque grey and brown fantasy world. So far, it's working; this looks visually closer to Fable. We'll be keen to see how many minions we'll be able to gather at once in Dark Legend -- the first game on the 360 allowed players to assemble around forty or fifty at some points, and a similar number would be welcome here. Also worth noting: Scott currently thinks this will be ready in time for June or July next year.

To see a boss battle in action, arm yourself with a pumpkin and charge past the break.


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