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Naim's NaimNet to bring audiophile-quality sound to your whole home

Steven Kim

There aren't too many audiophile firms that really take a whole-systems approach, but Naim has been at it for years. The firm is adding new models to its whole-home audio systems, but sadly for us, the pricing is pretty much the same -- too expensive. New to the NaimNet music server lineup are the NS01 ($6,800), NS02 ($7,900) and the NS03 ($9,575). For your dollars, you get one-touch CD ripping, an easy-to-use UI, database information from AMG, support for six simultaneous streams and storage of your precious bits on mirrored 400GB drives. Oh yeah, and the system will offer up non-DRM'ed music files on your plebian networked or USB-attached devices, too. Having spent some time with Naim equipment, we're not complaining about the functionality or build quality, but these prices make us consider Sonos, Slim Devices, Apple, or even sprinkling dedicated PCs throughout the house.

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