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Spore iPod game now in iTunes


Update: Tipster Mike writes in to note that the game has disappeared from the store. As of 5:45 pm ET today, it's gone.

iPhone-wielding gamers rejoiced when EA announced a version of Spore for the iPhone, set to debut in September of this year (check out our hands-on with Spore). This week, click wheel iPod owners got a leg up, as Spore: Origins is now available in the iTunes Store [link].

Origins, as the name implies, lets players experience the 1st level of the game, in which you guide a single-cell organism through the primordial ooze. Game play is straight forward: Use the click wheel to guide Jr. around, and the center button to eat other organisms he finds. No word on sharing your progress with the full game once it's released on September 7th.

If you really can't wait, you can also download the desktop Creature Creator. Spore: Origins for iPod costs $4.99US.

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