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Around Azeroth: Udder humiliation


"Look, honey, I'm really happy that you decided to play WoW with me. I wanted us to be able to share the experience of gaming together. And I don't mind that you rolled a blood elf, even though everyone's going to assume that you're a 12-year-old boy. I just ... I'm not going to ride on the zhevra. I don't care how rare it is, I'm not going to be seen on a prettied-up horse. It just isn't tauren of me. It's bad enough that I'm going to be hanging out with a blood elf for fifty-eight levels ..."

"Honey? Oh, don't get mad. Please. See, I'm getting on the zhevra. What? No! Well ... okay. Just one picture. And you have to promise it'll never leave your hands. Are you done now? Good, because I think I broke its pelvis. Can you get on Wowhead and look up veterinarians in Silvermoon City?"

(Thanks to Amradorn of <Foederati> on Aggramar for the pic!)

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