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Blu-ray vs. 1080p VOD? No contest, says analyst


Not that long ago, 1080p Hollywood movies were the domain of Blu-ray, but with Numericable jumping on the full HD VOD bandwagon, followed in short order by DISH Network and DirecTV, it's neighborhood is looking a little crowded. Luckily Strategy Analytics has an $899 report on why Blu-ray is safe -- at least for now -- from competing with service providers, although they also report the BDA is "exploring" DirecTV and DISH's claims of Blu-ray quality movies on demand and will take "appropriate action". We know how cheap you are, so the read link points to the totally free blog entry which you'll is about as skeptical as we were about their supposed picture quality. Of course, since too many HDTV owners aren't even watching high definition, it could be a hard sell convincing them of the difference between Blu-ray and other lower-bitrate 1080p sources.

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