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    Dell's Inspiron 13 already reviewed: basic, but capable

    Darren Murph

    Look, we know you've spent the last three or so hours toying around on Dell's build-to-order page, but be honest with yourself -- are you really willing to pull the trigger on an Inspiron 13 without taking one tiny peek at a review first? NotebookReview has snagged one of the new 13-inchers and taken it for a ride on the test bench, and overall, things are lookin' up. Reviewers found the design to be "sleek," the specifications to be "reasonable" and the price point "attractive." Beyond that, it also found the battery life to be surprisingly satisfactory, though the "cheap palm rests and noisy slot-loading optical drive" were small (albeit noteworthy) nuisances. In the end, critics summed things up by suggesting that if you're scouting "a basic mobile companion with good looks and a low price tag, then this is probably the right notebook for you." Hit up the read link for the full writeup and even a few benchmarks.

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