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Preview: Astraware Golden Skull for iPhone


A few weeks ago we took a first look at Astraware's GTS World Racing for iPhone; now they're back with another title -- Golden Skull. Golden Skull was developed by Deluxeware and published by Astraware.

If you're familiar with the Bejeweled 2 genre of jewel-matching games, then you're well on your way to understanding Golden Skull. In this game, you're introduced to a character who has gotten into debt and needs money, so he takes on the job of finding the Golden Skull. In each stop along the way, you tap groups of jewels of the same color to make them disappear, which accumulates points -- more points for more jewels eliminated. When you get to a certain point level, you get a gold coin. Five gold coins gets you to the next village on your journey.

As the game progresses, more types of jewels are added to the screen, making it even more difficult to match them. When you get to the last village, accumulating a certain number of points reveals your goal -- the Golden Skull. There are four different skill levels, and you can either listen to the built-in soundtrack or your own music. To see a video of Golden Skull in action, click here.

Golden Skull should be available in the App Store today (August 27th) for US$2.99. Check the gallery below for screenshots!

Update: Golden Skull is now in the App Store (September 1, 2008). Click here for more info -- click opens iTunes App Store.

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