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Rumor: A third Wii lightsaber game, with MotionPlus this time


We were a little puzzled when LucasArts introduced Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels before the release of The Force Unleashed on Wii, whose major selling point was ... an exclusive lightsaber duel mode. It seemed as if we were being told to disregard that first game that wasn't out yet, because the real thing was on the way. Well, if this rumor is true, get ready to disregard the second game as well.

According to EGM's "Quartermann" gossip column, a grumbling LucasArts is returning to the drawing board for another Wii lightsaber game, this time designed for MotionPlus. This potential game is rumored to be out sometime next year. If this is real, LucasArts would be smart not to talk about it until they've sold at least one copy of the two existing lightsaber games.


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