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BBEdit 9.0 released

Robert Palmer

BBEdit has released its eponymous BBEdit 9 text editor, a major update that includes a rewritten project manager, improvements to search and document comparison features, and a text-completion tool.

Find and Multi-File search are now separate commands, both available from the Search menu. The dialog boxes are also now non-modal! Welcome to the 20th century. Also gone is the mysterious "don't find" button.

Text completion appears much like the system-wide F5 trick: a pause will bring up a little pop-up menu of likely options. However, users can change the behavior to only show the menu with a click or keystroke.

Also included in the update is improved language support for JavaScript, Objective C, Obj-C++, Ruby, and YAML. The release notes are enormous, and if you have any niggling irritations with prior versions of BBEdit, they may very well be solved.

BBEdit is $129 for new users, and $30 for owners of existing licenses. Anyone who purchased BBEdit 8.5 and above on or after January 1 gets a free upgrade.

[Via Macworld]

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