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Itagaki: Easier to develop for PS3 than Famicom

Justin McElroy

Can we make a formal request? Can Sony hire Itagaki to take Ken Kutaragi's old job? No, we know, Kaz technically has his old position, but Sony really needs someone out there saying crazy things about the PS3, and we think Itagaki's the man for the gig. Here's what he recently told 1UP: "I don't think that developing for the PS3 is hard at all. It was much harder developing for the Famicom. It's true. I mean, give someone who's developing for the PS3 a Famicom and see if they can make a game for it. They won't be able to. Yeah, that'll prove it. We'll bet a drink on it."

Bam! Crazy! Can you imagine getting that kind of stuff day in and day out from PS3 HQ? C'mon, Sony give that man whatever he wants ... and we do mean whatever.

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