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NVIDIA announces native SLI for Intel X58 chipsets


It may not have produced quite the onslaught of news that Intel's recent Developer Forum did, but it looks like NVIDIA's NVISION08 conference was at least able to pull one big rabbit out of its hat, with NVIDIA itself dropping word that it's going to allow Intel's X58 chipset to natively support SLI. For those not following the ins and outs of the NVIDIA / Intel relationship, NVIDIA had previously said that it would let its nForce 200 chip to be implemented by board manufacturers to allow SLI support, but that idea never exactly caught on, leading to this new, more accommodating solution. As PC Perspective reports, the native SLI support will also be far from limited, with motherboards with as few as two PCIe x16 slots and as many as four PCIe x16 slots able to support an array of SLI configurations, including a 3-Way SLI with a fourth graphics card for a PhysX boost.

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