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Smash Bros. champion cracks the world of reality TV


Fans of reality TV show Survivor who also read Nintendo blogs will be pleased to hear that gamers are getting some representation for the show's seventeenth season, Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden.

22-year-old Ken Hoang will be one of the eighteen contestants when the series begins on September 25th, and he's there for one very good reason: he can totally kick the world's ass at Super Smash Bros. Melee. Yeah, even yours. A professional gamer by trade, Ken has earned over $50,000 from playing Melee, which (according to his Survivor profile at CBS) he's used to help pay his family's mortgage. Whaddaguy!

The message to take from this: don't let anybody tell you gaming can't take you anywhere in life. Unless you play, say, Mario Kart Wii as well as we do. Then, seriously, it's time to look for a real job.


[Via Joystiq]

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