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Nintendo shares on the rise again


You can barely move in the blogosphere without bumping into another "Nintendo is rich" story, and we're not about to help matters -- sorry.

Anyway, the skinny is that Nintendo shares have soared after the company upped its full-year profit forecast by 26%. It now anticipates that it will sell 26.5 million Wiis (surely taking it past the N64's lifetime sales of approximately 33 million by year end) and 30.5 million DSes during 2008. Ninty also reckons that in the year ending March 31, net income will climb 59 percent to $3.8 billion, a.k.a. a lot of frickin' wonga.

This news does represent a mini-turnaround of sorts in Nintendo's financial fortunes -- before today, the company's stock had fallen 17% since July 30th, but the latest renewed forecast has seen shares boosted by 8.4%. Now if only we'd actually bought some in the late-'90s. Bah. Oh well, clink those champagne glasses, everybody!

[Via NeoGAF]

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