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PSP Brite diagnosed with lower battery life expectancy


It happens to all battery-operated devices that burn too bright. They die so young. Oh PSP Brite, it was just 3 short hours ago when we powered you on, cradling your Slim body in our palms, eyes numbing from the vibrant images dancing upon your screen. And then, you went dark. (Well, that's how we're imagining it at least.)

PSP know-it-all John Koller has diagnosed the new PSP model with short-term battery disorder. Koller estimates PSP Brite will burn through its charge 20-30 minutes faster than current PSP-2000 series units. That's not a good thing, you know. Luckily, Sony's bringing back "the bulge" (the now-discontinued extended battery) to combat the crippling disorder. We hear playing close to a power outlet also helps to ease the symptoms.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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