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There can be only one: "source" claims for iPhone 2.0.2 to not suck, 2.0 must die

Chris Ziegler

Turns out there may have been some legitimacy to those nagging feelings that something just wasn't quite right about iPhone firmware 2.0.2 -- a build many initially hoped would be the holy grail to cure the iPhone 3G's reception woes. Here's where it gets a little weird, though: a "source close to AT&T," so RoughlyDrafted claims, says that 2.0 and 2.0.1 are actually the culprits responsible for holding back 2.0.2 from greatness, not lousiness in 2.0.2 itself. The story goes that the older versions have faulty power control software in their radios, forcing base stations to connect to phones at higher powers than they'd normally have to, which in turn leads to base stations running plumb out of power -- and once that happens, you get dropped calls, bad reception, and lousy data rates, among other UMTS ails. Following that logic, the network should improve on its own over time as more and more owners update to 2.0.2, which explains AT&T's uncharacteristic text message to owners urging them to take the plunge. This all sounds plausible, we guess, but if 2.0 and 2.0.1 were really screwing with base stations that badly, wouldn't owners of other 3G phones be affected equally?

[Via mocoNews]

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