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WoW Insider Show live Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern

Mike Schramm

Yes, our world famous world class worldwide podcast goes live yet again tomorrow afternoon at WoW Radio, and even though every week in this space, I usually say, "it's going to be a good one," trust me, it always is. Turpster and I will be on as usual, and we'll also welcome blogger Michael Gray from right here at WoW Insider on with us. On the plate you'll find lots of talk about Wrath and the expansion patch, including the new tech and graphics Blizzard is bringing to bear, the scariest raid boss in the game since Hogger, and all the other most popular stories from the World of Warcraft in the past week. And since Mr. Gray will be on (Turpster has to be "Mr. Pink"), we'll also chat about his work here at WI, and his popular Arena interview column.

If you've got something you want us to talk about on the show, the email address is, and of course we'll be live chatting on IRC during the broadcast at in the #wowradio channel (or if that means nothing to you, you can just click "Chat" on the WoW Radio homepage).

I can guarantee you that if you listen to the show for the first time, two things will happen: 1) you will smile at least once, if not laugh outright, and 2) you will hear something about the World of Warcraft that you didn't know before. Of course, that thing you learn may be something personal about Turpster and what he thinks of Lady Vashj, but hey, we never said we were "world class."

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