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8885 for Hunters: AotV reworked

Eliah Hecht

There is a surprising amount of new and interesting things in the latest beta version, build 8885, for the Hunter class. Let's start things off with a bang:

  • Aspect of the Viper changed to: The hunter takes on the aspect of the viper, instantly regenerating mana equal to 100% of the damage done by any ranged attack or ability, but reduces your total damage done by 50%. Only one Aspect can be active at a time.

That's a total reworking of the skill. Now it's sort of a cross between Evocation and Shamanistic Rage, but with no cooldown. If you need some mana back, just turn it on and go crazy for a little while. Your DPS will suffer a bit, but you'll have full mana by the end of it. I like the idea.

Other notable changes [Sorry, I accidentally left this second section out somehow when I originally published the post]:

  • Trueshot Aura now scales, giving +10% AP to raid members. Abilities that give flat values (as TSA used to do) often run into trouble, as Rogues learned with Eviscerate in classic WoW.
  • Combat Experience buffed significantly; now increases Agi by 6% as well as Int by 6% (at 2/2).
  • Improved Arcane Shot now increases the damage done by AS by 5/10/15%, instead of lowering the cooldown. Excellent; nobody really needed a lowered Arcane Shot cooldown.
  • Aspect Mastery has been reworked to work with the new AotV, but it's still a bit lackluster IMO. Now reads: Aspect of the Viper - Reduces the damage penalty by 10%. Aspect of the Monkey - Reduces the damage done to you while active by 10%. Aspect of the Hawk - Increases the attack power bonus by 50%.

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