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PAX 2008: Gears 2 will not have a Halo 2-style ending

Dustin Burg

Last night, during a PAX interview we had with Gears of War 2 lead writer Josh Ortega, our "Gears 2 not having a fulfilling ending" fears have (thankfully) been calmed, because we now know the story will not wrap like a certain Spartan 117 sequel.

When asked if Gears 2's storyline will follow in the footsteps of a game like Halo 2 and its unsatisfying cliffhanger, Ortega comforted our worries by admitting that players will "get nice closure." But not too much closure, because Ortega was also quick to acknowledge fact that he didn't want to end Gears 2 "too much where there couldn't be room to expand should you decide to." Because that would totally put a damper on any trilogy hopes. So, no unsatisfying Halo 2-style ending, a sense of fulfillment and room to grow the Gears franchise? Sounds like a campaign winner to us.

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