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Star Trek Online official site offers free history lesson

Samuel Axon

Cryptic Studios promised that it would explain what happens in the Star Trek universe between the film Star Trek: Nemesis (the last canon entry in the franchise) and the time period of Star Trek Online. Fulfilling that promise, it posted on the official STO website the first of a series of articles of fiction describing events from Nemesis onward.

The article covers 2379 and 2380. Hardcore Trekkies or Trekkers will be satisfied to find that canon is respected, right down to details such as the number of Cardassian casualties in the Dominion War, as revealed in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. We're not sure what we think of the idea that pretty much every character, no matter how minor (such as Keiko O'Brien) moved on to an historically significant role. It's probably meant to please the fans but it seems like a bit of a stretch.

The Star Trek franchise is already known for that sort of stretching though; that's one of the reasons we love it so much, right?

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