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Earthquake Sound SLAPS its new MiniMe subwoofers

Steven Kim

In case you're not ready to go with a one of its Supernova subs, Earthquake Sound has introduced its MiniMe P10 and P12 models. These compact subs pack a 600-Watt amplifier with 10- and 12-inch drivers, respectively, into sealed enclosures with passive radiators for a little extra oomph that allows them to reach down to 20-Hz in the P10, 18-Hz in the P12. Taking a look at Earthquake Sound's product lines and press releases, there's a definite presence of testosterone, and so the passive radiator system in the MiniMe subs gets named SLAPS just to keep things familiar; that kind of attitude might come in handy should the suits from BMW's MINI division come a-knocking about the MiniMe logo.

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