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Epson calls "game on" with its EH-TW420 projector

Steven Kim

We figure Epson just couldn't find a way to work "BFG" into its gaming-optimized 720P projector, the EH-TW420, due out next month in the UK for £650 ($1,200). It looks like a pretty standard 3LCD projector that shines 2000 lumens bright across 1280 x 720 pixels, but you can flip those panels into a 5ms response time "game mode" similar to that seen in Panasonic's PT-AX200. We're thinking gamer-oriented gear get a better reception with at least a different color scheme, but otherwise the features look ok: one input each for HDMI, component, composite and S-Video, and the unit packs a single 7-Watt speaker so you're not left in Marcel Marceau mode when you forget to bring your own to the next LAN party.

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