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Integra unveils DTR-7.9 AV receiver, upgrades DTR-6.9

Darren Murph

Integra's doing more than just adding ISF calibration into its receivers this year, it's also dishing out an all new unit and upgrading one of its more popular choices. The DTR-7.9 is a 7.1-channel AVR boasting 130-watts per channel, THX Ultra2 Plus certification, a Faroudja DCDi chip for 1080p upscaling over HDMI (or 1080i over component) and five HDMI 1.3a ports. On a related note, the DTR-6.9 has been upgraded to carry THX Select2 Plus certification along with 1080p Faroudja DCDi upscaling, "on board decoding for lossless and HD audio formats, multizone / multisource capabilities, and Integra's signature systems integration and control features." Hit up the read link for the laundry list of specifications (trust us, we've only brushed over the surface here), and expect to find the DTR-7.9 at local resellers soon for $1,300.

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