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Wii Warm Up: Filling in for Castlevania


Some Castlevania fans are a little underwhelmed by the idea of Castlevania Judgment (ahem), but really, only because it's a fighting game. While we're all sorts of in favor of innovation and fresh ideas, a fighting game isn't particularly fresh. Not that they aren't fun (they are!), but we wanted, well, Castlevania. Alas, i was not to be. At least, no yet.

But that doesn't mean there isn't hope, though it might come from a very unusual source. Putting together the bits and pieces regarding Renegade Kid's mysterious new game reveals what might, might be a game about Dracula. At least, it's probably not Batman.

It's taken a while to get to the point, but never fear -- here we are. If Renegade Kid, the minds behind the great-looking Moon and the great-playing (mostly) Dementium: The Ward are putting together a game devoted to Dracula, and it just happens to be for Wii, as it seems, will this assuage disgruntled Castlevania fans? Or is it not so much the ghoulies and ghosties who matter, but instead the gameplay? If the latter is true, not much else will do.

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