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LotRO could be the next 'World of Warcraft' says Turbine's Steefel

Michael Zenke

The MMO industry is a battle with many weapons, and words are as powerful as code or quests in this field. Turbine's Jeffrey Steefel fired another salvo in a recent interview with Eurogamer, saying that he sees the company's Lord of the Rings Online as the next big mass-market MMO success story. Tie-ins with the upcoming Hobbit movie, the company's aggressive patching schedule, and the Mines of Moria expansion all have the game poised, Steefel thinks, for blowout popularity.

In that lengthy discussion with Eurogamer, Steefel also hinted at big changes coming to LotRO that might help with that blowout. The executive producer heavily hinted that their in-development console title is a console version of LotRO, which could be a big win for the MMO. He also intimated that the company's $14.99 subscription fee may be on the way out, with an alternative business model stepping in to take its place. Check out the full interview for all the juicy details!

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