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Rogers Wireless releases some iPhone data usage details, says nyaa-nyaa


Drumroll please! We all heard a fair bit of uncharacteristic anger echoing out of Canada with Rogers Wireless' announcement of its -- and FIDO's -- iPhone data pricing models. Of course, Rogers rethought its plans, launched the $30 / 6GB plan and all was well again in the land of the polar bear and beaver. We had a quick chat with Elizabeth Hamilton, the Director of Corporate Communications at Rogers, this week, and it turns out they may not have been so completely mistaken with the plans offered after all. First month stats show that 1.2% of iPhone customers used more than 1GB of data in the first four weeks, 95% used less than 500MB, and 91.2% used less than 100MB. Considering the original plans were as high as 400MB per month, it would seem they would have served the northern populace quite handily.

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