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Sony Ericsson says XPERIA X1 still on track to ship in Q4

Nilay Patel

Rumors of the XPERIA X1 being delayed to 2009 have been floating around forever, and the chatter's only gotten louder at IFA -- to the point where Sony Ericsson's been forced into damage-control mode for a second time, telling Reuters that "there is absolutely no delay" and that the company's first WinMo phone is "on target" to "roll out in Q4." That's not quite the "second half of 2008" SE's been saying since the X1 was announced, but it's still in the window -- and given the half-baked nature of the devices we got to play with at IFA, we'd say taking a little extra time to get things right isn't the worst idea in the world, even it means missing that rumored October Vodafone release date.

[Via WM Power User]

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