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Draw Harvest Moon art to win a bumper crop from Natsume


Do you like drawing Harvest Moon cows over, and over, and over again? We're not going to go investigating (for the same reason we try not to investigate any fanart on the intertron), but we suspect that there is a thriving Harvest Moon fanart community -- and they're going to love this.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the farming series, Natsume is giving away a pile of stuff, including a DS Lite Kit, a plush cow and chicken, strategy guides for both Island of Happiness on the DS and Tree of Tranquility on the Wii, and unspecified "additional goodies!"

All you have to do is draw a picture (like, on paper) featuring any character and any animal from a Harvest Moon game, and mail it in. Twenty winners will get stuff! Official rules can be found at the link.

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