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Podcast Rodeo for Sept. 2: Western Ear

Justin McElroy

We're back with another round of required listening, but first we've got to point you to the special PAX 2008 edition of the Joystiq Podcast. It's different that the normal Joystiq Podcast, but it's still got a foreign guy, a guy with glasses and a guy named Kevin. ... Well, two out of three isn't bad.

The Moofcast: It's got a completely silly name! It's got a guy whose gamertag is BigDogg! It's got an actual girl (or an incredible girl facsimile)! What more could you possibly want? How about discussion of game reviews and nerdcore? Well, you're in luck, because those are there too.

NooBTooB: You know what we wish about the NooBTooB? We wish they recorded a bit more often. For instance, the episode we're directing you to today is like two weeks old. But if you want to hear talk of SoulCalibur IV and Pixeljunk Eden, you could do much, much worse than our friends Tobin and Yuzo.

Our UAV Is Online: There's a fourth episode of Our UAV Is Online available, so why are we pointing you to episode 3? Well, the Podcast Rodeo was name-dropped on the show, and so they get linked. That's not just a good idea, that's the law. Also, we love host Murray, so we'd probably be pointing to him anyway. (Plus, you've got to hear his idea for an Olympics cartoon.)

GFW Radio: We just pointed you to our (second) favorite podcast a couple of months ago, but with the grand finale of Chuff Love, we thought it only appropriate that we would remind you again that if you aren't listening to GFW Radio you really, really should be.

So that's all we've got. Side note: If anyone has any good "Ear" puns for our headline, could you leave them in the comments? We're fresh out.

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