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PSP Wi-Fi Store to launch in fall, PS3 Infrastructure mode announced


Someone at Sony is trying way too hard. Can you believe an ambitious young stooge has dared to decipher the mysterious toggle on the left side of the PSP? And wouldn't you know, the thing's a Wi-Fi switch! Now all hell's broken loose at Sony HQ, as the discovery has ushered in a new era of brite possibilities for the handheld. Imagine: shopping for themes and wallpaper directly from your PSP. It's true folks, PlayStation Store is coming to PSP sans hand holding (so long PS3, so long PC!) this fall in Japan -- probably worldwide, PSP Fanboy speculates. And there's a free game in it for anyone smart enough to flick the "on" switch.

But that's not all. Sony has announced (and pictured) a new Infrastructure mode, enabled by connecting PSP to Playstation 3 ... wirelessly. In essence, ad-hoc multiplayer modes will become online-enabled through a PS3 connection for some games (like Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G). In addition, text and voice chatting capabilities can be added through the new online mode. Add to this the rumor of PS3 gamepad support for PSP Brite, and Sony might as well slap a UMD drive on the next PS3 SKU.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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