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Sonic Chronicles: The Lining Up at the Nintendo World Store Brotherhood


The latest edition of Gamespot's On the Spot show reveals an incentive for Sega fans to get over to New York City's Nintendo World Store: a shot at an early (or, to be appropriate to the source material, really fast) copy of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, signed by members of the game's development team. The NWS will have copies of the game available on September 28 (though the rep says August 29), two days before Chronicles' official release date! Sega will also offer an exclusive downloadable Chao.

Skip to about 45:00 to hear this directly from Sega's Associate Brand Manager, Ken Ballough -- while seeing video of the game in action! Unless you want to watch the whole thing and see stuff about other systems or whatever.

Warning: video (and game) contains Rouge the Bat.

[Via RPGamer]

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