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Super Monkey Ball updated to 1.01

Robert Palmer

SEGA has released an update to the popular Super Monkey Ball, which appears to address issues with control sensitivity. The update was expected to drop last month. No release notes were available online.

In cursory testing (by yours truly), it does appear the update improves player control. As promised, the "dead zone" where the ball stops moving altogether is larger, and movement overall has become less erratic. I noticed that when trying to slow down, the monkey ball is less likely to turn around, which makes it easier to navigate tight corners and control speed.

Also included is a new tutorial designed to help you get accustomed to the controls. Additionally, you can resume where you left off if you press the home button during a game.

Super Monkey Ball [App Store link] is a free update for existing users, and $9.99 for new users.

Thanks, Adiz!

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